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Attrice is a big fat vegan feminist who dreams of running away to the country and starting an animal sanctuary. For now she is a physics student and part-time acting teacher who is known to break into song at random and inappropriate times. She enjoys collecting vegan cookbooks, running and undermining patriarchy. You can reach her at 

A small note on the blog:

This used to be a blog about fat acceptance. Now it’s a blog about fitness, health and yes, weight loss. It is still a blog that rejects stereotypes about fat people and moralizing about health. Some of my older entries may contradict with what I write now, but I keep them up because 1) I’m not interested in sorting through all of them and 2) I still agree with much of what I wrote back then.

  1. January 17, 2008 12:57 am

    What a fantastico site! Impossible not to read and read upon the first sitting. And…is that a small, crocheted agadashi tofuup at the top??!

    I am a vegan as well, and even at 160 pounds I get variations all the time on the theme “Why, I thought you’d be thinner if you eat that way.”
    I eat a hell of a lot because I run and work out and frankly, eat too much of everything delicious. I was 230 this time last year and was just sick of it all. The only thing that’s changed is I have started running and eating somewhat less. I was always embarrassed to discuss veganism, as I was doing it not as a weight management thing, but because eating any animal products doesn’t sit right with me. But the conversation wouldn’t go anywhere as people looked at my size and would close off their minds to further discussion. Even still, it’s disheartening to see discussions of veganism disintegrate into how much weight you can peel off…boring! Must everything revolve around the perceived benefits to ourselves?? (Though on a health note I do think it’s a rad way to be).

    By the by, your “Shame” article made my lower lip wiggle a bit…oh, the horrid memories I share in this vein!! As soon as I saw the words “sumer camp” I knew nothing good could come of it! And it is a sad (yet hilarious) point you make, one I share but have never articulated: the effort we expend into appearing jus’ fine, eg. after barrelling up a flight of stairs. As if this indeed confuses the masses into thinking we’re not that heavy after all. Sort of the way heavy people tend to “order small” if eating in a group of strangers. “Why, that girl is just having herself a cantaloupe slice and toast for brunch! I thought she was overweight but I was wrong! She’s dainty, really.” Sigh…

    Anyhow, great writing, great site, great job.

  2. July 23, 2008 6:39 pm

    Hi!!!! This is maddy!!!! I AM YOUR SISTER!! ha. ha. anyway……….bye…i guess??

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