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Tis the season

November 16, 2009

For endless tips and articles on how to moderate food intake during the holidays. I know that for people trying to lose weight, the holidays often cause a huge amount of stress. The mental energy you use thinking about food, the guilt you feel for indulging, the frustration/bitterness you feel when you don’t indulge and everyone else does can lessen your enjoyment of what should be a mostly good time. So here are my ‘tips.’ The scare quotes are because, as always, I don’t think I know what’s best for anyone else. I just know what helps me meet my goals without going spare.

1)Consider making weight maintenance your goal for the holidays. Restricting calories while everyone feasts is probably not fun. I don’t know because I don’t actively diet during the holidays.

2)Try to avoid extreme behaviors. You don’t need to chew carrots while everyone else enjoys pie, but you don’t have to have fourths when you’re not hungry.

3)Make sure your ‘indulgences’ are foods/drinks that you love. For me I’ll often notice that I’m mindlessly noshing on foods that aren’t all that amazing just because they’re there. When I make it a general guideline to only go for my absolute favorites, I always eat less overall.

4) If holidays are already stressful for you, maybe you should just say fuck it for those couple of weeks. Again, you need to eat 3500 calories *over* what you’re already using in order to gain one single pound. Most people aren’t going to manage to gain more than a pound or two during the holidays when all is said and done. Remember that the scale may show a larger gain due to lots of other issues though so don’t just go by that.

So that’s how I approach things. My plan is to maintain while enjoying the holiday yummies and, if the stresses of the season start to pile up, then I’m not gonna add to the crazy by obsessing over food.

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  1. meerkat permalink
    July 9, 2010 7:54 am

    “you need to eat 3500 calories *over* what you’re already using in order to gain one single pound. ”

    I thought you didn’t go for the bunsen burner theory?

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