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It’s okay to be wrong

November 8, 2009

Really. Let’s see, I used to think

lifting weights burned more calories than cardio
carbs were the food culprit behind weight gain
fat was the food culprit behind weight gain
animal products were behind all weight gain and many health problems
one had to be hungry in order to lose weight
there was a ‘correct’ way to build muscle
the body had a fixed genetic setpoint which was unchangeable
weight was entirely a product of environment

There are more, I’m sure. Even now, there are things I take for granted which will end up not being true. Such is life. Such is science.

Now, there are a lot of people who make a lot of money off of promoting misinformation in the areas of diet and exercise. For the rest of us, there’s no reason other than pride that we shouldn’t admit when we are wrong or when the picture is more complex than we once might have believed. It’s not always fun to be wrong to be sure, but I’ll take it over never learning anything new.

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