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What I have learned from my bodybugg.

June 3, 2009

(The Short Version)

I am not special. I do not have some kind of insanely slow metabolism. Nor do I have a very fast one. In fact, I fit right where the average of several of the equations for metabolic rate put me.

Cardio always beats strength training in terms of calories burned. Yes, even when I’m doing alternating sets with minimal (under 40 seconds) rest time between exercises. I knew this intellectually, but I kept thinking that weight training was hard and so I must be pushing it to the MAXXXXX!!! Alas, I’m pushing it to the moderate.

On days when I’m not working, N.E.A.T. can make as much as a thousand calorie difference in terms of what I’m burning in a day. (Not that it doesn’t also add to my total expenditure on days that I work, only that I burn so much at work that it doesn’t matter either way.)*

I use as much energy sleeping as I do sitting here at the computer. No wonder I put on weight when I had a desk job.

Hunger levels are all over the place and often don’t correlate strongly to my energy balance. IOW, I’m just as likely to feel very hungry at any particular moment whether I’m in a deficit of 50 calories or 1,000. I’m hoping this has to do with funky leptin levels that happen during weight loss. Cuz it makes me worried that my hunger’s broken.

*Although my job itself is just a lot of N.E.A.T. stuff. I work constantly, but it’s not physically hard stuff.


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