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Can’t escape the yummies

May 13, 2009

I finally got The End of Overeating from the library. I don’t have anything to say about the book itself at the moment since I’m only about 50 pages into it.

Usually, it wouldn’t take me too long to finish a book like this. It’s a pretty easy read, but the book insists on containing multiple and extremely vivid descriptions of scrumptious food. One particular instance involves a woman describing a particular cookie she loves – it mostly resembles these peanut butter no-bake cookies I sometimes make – and the way the peanut butter and chocolate melt on the back of her tongue. And I literally put the book down and went into my kitchen to see if I had the ingredients to make these things.

And this happened each time I read the book. In my local coffeeshop? I suddenly have to have that oatmeal chocolate cookie. Forget reading it at home, I can’t stay out of the kitchen. Every place I tried to go to read had some kind of food or drink that I would absolutely have to have as soon as I came across another paragraph detailing some sort of exquisite taste experience.

I don’t care about having cookies or candy or soda from time to time, but it does rankle me that a well-phrased paragraph can make me run for a tasty treat despite not being hungry.

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