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Rests and momentum

April 27, 2009

Today ends my week-long break from working out. Well, that’s not entirely true. I took a break in terms of intensity. No weights, no intervals just gentle walking, riding the stationary bikes or doing the elliptical on a low setting. I thought my body needed some rest. I also finally picked up a foam roller and wow, it sometimes hurts like hell, but I’ve also got rid of pain I wasn’t ever aware of.

I have been hesitant to take a scheduled workout break. I had managed to avoid it by taking breaks when I visited relatives (the hotel gym was like a treadmill and a bowflex) and by taking a few days off when I got a bad cold. Taking a full week off on purpose though was scary. I had this idea that I had to keep moving or I would lose momentum and not be able to go back to working out. It’s not logical, I know, but I can’t pretend to have worked through every single issue surrounding weight, health and fitness.

I also didn’t want to just sit around for a week. I’m hard to live with when I don’t get some sort of exercise daily. Gentle and mild cardio seemed like a way to get some ya-ya’s out while giving my body a chance to recuperate. I even brought fruit smoothies or chocolate soymilk (chocolate milk with its combination of sugar and protein is actually a really good recovery drink) to the gym and sipped on them while I pedaled and caught up on the news.

So now the week is at an end. I feel really good. Some pain I was having in my left hip is gone and rather than feeling hesitant to go back to the gym, I’m like a kid in Disneyworld. THERE IS JUST SO MUCH THAT I WANT TO DO!! I’m poring through books and articles trying to find the ‘perfect’ routine.

I need to remind myself to read this post again in 3-4 months when I’ll probably need to take another break.

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