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March 19, 2009

I’m enjoying the lovely spring weather and don’t feel like finishing any of the billions of posts in my draft folder so here are some quick links to things I’ve been reading.

First from Small Bites, some information about the farm bill. Be sure to check out some of the links in the article for more information.

The NY Times has an article about how Michelle Obama’s buff arms are inspiring women to pick up the weights. The article actually contains some good information about training too.

Lyle Mcdonald has an article which sums up some research done on hormonal responses to fast food. Basically, the question is, does the body respond the same to a meal of ‘healthy’ food as it does to fast food if both meals are nutritionally similar?

And the Booster Shots blog has an article on a company that’s now making exercise equipment that can be used by people who may exceed weight limits on a lot of machines in the gym. My current gym has very nice equipment, but I have been in the position of wondering how serious the 250lb limit on an elliptical machine was and whether I could risk getting on it. It sucked. The only downside is that the equipment is very expensive.

Ok, out to enjoy the sunshine! Happy reading.

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