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The Cherry Orchard

November 20, 2008

If you look to your left, you can see a link to my backflip page. This is where I’ll be organizing links to various articles and studies that relate to what I’m writing about here. This is not intended to be the final word or a completely unbiased look at all the research. I’m not a scientist (yet) and I don’t pretend to have the time or access it takes to do anymore than use pubmed when I have a question about something.

I know that some people might accuse me of cherry picking studies that support my conclusions. And to this, I say “Duh.”

Anyone who takes part in the debates on fat, health and weight loss has to spend some time in the cherry orchard: Looking for, and usually finding, studies that support a particular point of view. That’s not to suggest that I, or anyone else, is digging through mounds of opposing evidence and finding one contradictory study and holding that up as proof. When you’re looking at individual studies and articles though, it’s easy to find support for a multitude of theories.

But unless someone has a ton of time to devote to reading the medical literature or is someone who has spent years studying these subjects, then most of what they’re doing is cherry picking. The information out there is vast and the knowledge it takes, not just to tell a good study from a bad one, but to synthesize the information in multiple studies is not something a degree from Google University can give you. The refusal to acknowledge this is one of my biggest pet peeves in the blogging world.

The studies that I include on the page aren’t, as I said, the final word. They are simply some proof, to me and maybe to you, that the things I say aren’t totally pulled from my ass.

As for the articles, these are just things that I’m interested in reading. I make no claims in terms of the accuracy of information.

If you see anything interesting that you think should be included, let me know. I haven’t had the chance to really update the page in a while, but over the holidays, I’ll probably be adding a lot of stuff.

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